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glam_100's Journal

Glam 100 - A Drabble Challenge Community
Posting Access:
All Members
The Idea:

Every Sunday a new prompt - picture, word, saying, song, etc. - will be posted. You have one week to write a Glam drabble or drabble set in response to the prompt. The challenge is in the word count.

made by qafmaniac

The Rules:

* "Glam" means anyone associated with the troupe, including friends, SO's, parents, siblings... anyone within the circle of association.

* Please post all responses in the comm. Reposting in personal journals and archiving sites is great and encouraged, but your post here needs to contain the actual drabble/drabble set.

* Each drabble must be 100 words in length. Multiple drabbles may be used to create a whole, but each section must be 100 words exactly.

* All pairings along with no pairing drabbles are welcome.

* If you post more than 100 words at a time, please put it behind a cut.

* If you post a drabble with NC17 or potentially squicky content, please put it behind a cut. For anything else, use your discretion.

* Warnings need to be included on any drabble you post that has hints of extreme BDSM, death, torture, rape, etc.

* You may post responses only for the current challenge topic.

* Please put the title of the challenge in the subject line of your post with the pairing (if any), word count, and any warnings or notes in your header. Copy and paste the following template for your header:

* You don't have to post if you join; lurking is just fine.

* No off-topic posts allowed.

* To suggest a topic for a bi-weekly challenge, please leave a comment in the Suggestion Box.

* Tag all posts with the challenge name and, after your first time posting, with your user name. Moderators will have to tag user names the first time around.

* Banners, while glorious pieces of eye candy, are not allowed here. Posting with banners will receive one warning and then your posts will simply be deleted.

* Flaming is not concrit. Flamers amuse your mods and will be mocked publicly before being banned. If you know us at all, you know we are not joking about this in the least.

* The moderators reserve the right to delete posts that don't adhere to the rules.

* If there is an issue, CONTACT A MODERATOR. Do not air dirty laundry within the comm. Well, unless the current prompt calls for it.

~ vlredreign, leela_cat, aislinntlc, and qafmaniac